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Managing a tough subordinate 0

Managing a tough subordinate

Managing a tough subordinate is not all that easy. The two words here that rings alarm bells here are “Subordinate” and “Tough”.
Now, putting some one into place is easy but, some points to remember before confronting your subordinate would be,
1. Does your subordinate like you or respect you as his/her boss?
2. Is your subordinate touchy?
3. Has the same issue been addressed earlier with the same person?
4. Is your subordinate adding value to your organization or is he/she a good worker?

Mid life Crisis 0

Mid life Crisis

Trying to summarize I would say that during this time we need to look to our hole history with new eyes to understand why we constructed that kind of life due to understand the next steps… It has been to me a complete revision of my private history, and the longing for signification in what is done and about what is arriving…usually only the new perspectives are able to give signification to the past…this is the interesting part of the history…

How to get things done at work? 0

How to get things done at work?

HI Friend,

Today, when every one is has very busy schedule but the no. of works not decreasing even they increase day by day. so many people want a way that provide How to get things done at work?

As i think there is some tips which can make it very easy to get work done.

1) Prioritize & break down work in samll segemnts if necessary
2) Chart down the list of people who can help u get the work/work segments done faster
3) Think why each of these people will help accomplish the work….i.e what’s in it for them list

Who is right and who is wrong? 0

Who is right and who is wrong?

Hi friends

In this post i am including a couple talk like………….

UNDERSTANDING one another in a relationship is the KEY.

I feel that nothing is right or wrong, It’s Just the PERCEPTION that matters, how we take things and whats the Mental situation one is into at that particular situation.

Women are more talkative compared to Men, she wants sum1 to listen to her. She wants to feel loved and cared. Her soul mate needs to listen to her thoughts and not always be their to give solutions to her issues, rather JUST LISTEN. She feels relaxed, thinks sum1 is their for her.

Derivatives in terms of Margin and Expiry of the Rollover 0

Derivatives in terms of Margin and Expiry of the Rollover

Roll Over

A trader has to face Rollover usually in the Spot Forex markets. In future and options its usully already calculated when the price of future and options of a product is derived from its spot price.

Roll Over Can also be called as a interest rate differential. means its the cost of diffrences of the interest rate of different currencies.

Free Cash Flow 0

Free Cash Flow

Hi Friends,

The concept of Free Cash Flow is that it is the cash flow actually available for distribution to the investors, after the company has made all the investments in fixed assets and working capital necessary to sustain ongoing operations.

So, If you use (NOPAT+Depreciation) – Gross Investment in Working Capital, you will find the final balance of cash flow the company created AFTER reinvesting in operations.

There is also an order of what you do with Free Cash Flows.

1) Pay interest to debtholders;

2) Repay debtholders (reducing your short-term debt)