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Ram Navmi – Birthday of Shri Ram 4

Ram Navmi – Birthday of Shri Ram

रघुकुल रीति सदा चली आई,
प्राण जाए पर वचन न जाई ।

‘Raghukula Reet sada chalee aayee, Praan Jaaye par vachan na jaayee’

Noise pollution 3

Noise pollution

I am a morning walker. Every morning at 5.00 AM I go to a nearby district park for my morning walk. For last few days, I find the a DG set running with its enclosure open from three sides.

Is hammam main sab nange hain 2

Is hammam main sab nange hain

Those who took the governance of independent India in their hands, made promises for creating a classless society. Soon they forgot their promises and started creating new classes to divide and rule.

Congratulations – a friendly joke 2

Congratulations – a friendly joke

Pakistan ultimately had elections. President Parvez Musharraf could not postpone it any more. People have given their verdict. Politicians have interpreted peoples’ mandate as per their convenience.

A royal joke 3

A royal joke

It is the time of elections in India’s neighborhood. Bhutan, Pakistan and now Nepal had elections. It is a good sign. On this occasion, I want to share a joke with you.

Red joke 2

Red joke

A newspaper reporter took interview of Prakash Karat on his re-election as General Secretary of CPM. It was a long interview and some part of it was not to be printed.

Price rise – who will win? 3

Price rise – who will win?

Common men are crying under the huge burden of rising prices. Government has been unable to control the prices. Now it is trying to find out excuses or putting the blame on others.

How democratic is Indian Constitution? 2

How democratic is Indian Constitution?

Democracy by definition is a form of government by the people; especially : rule of the majority by a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or in