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some gyaan on aeromodelling 0

some gyaan on aeromodelling

An Aeromodel is a non-man carrying scaled down aircraft. It is made out of Balsa wood, Foam, fiberglass or even cheaper materials like coroplasts. Aeromodels can be aeroplanes or helicopters.

Singapore – Paisa Vasool Place 2

Singapore – Paisa Vasool Place

I was in Singapore last December and must confess I have fallen in love with the city. It’s a beautiful city and the sheer beauty of the city is simply mind blowing.

Phuket 3


My first trip out of India was to Thailand.

Shopping Tips 3

Shopping Tips

I am sure everyone of you go for shopping. Some of you go frequently & some occassionally. Whatever it is; one thing you must keep in mind is that you buy branded & quality stuff.

Delicious Pastries 1

Delicious Pastries

If you visit Bangalore two places I definitely suggest is Sweet Chariot near on Richmond road & Nilgiris on Brigade road. They make really delicious pastries which are indeed mouth watering & yummy.

Holi 1


On saturday my experience on ocassion of Holi, was truly awesome. We were invited by one of my wife’s sister’s neighbour who are Punjabi’s.