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sania mirza 2

sania mirza

sania mirza is a very good sportsperson in india .she is from our city.she is playing well but some times she fails due to over confidence.i think that people and advertising companys are responsible for sanias failure.she is not concentrating on tennis.she is doing advertisments and making huge money .if she wins once in a year what is good .we want her to be no.1 she is just getting things wrong

writing 1


writing is a great work where we can show what we have in mind .simply we can show the world the power of pen.this is great to write blogs on various websites.this is very good for ourself we are developing our writing skills and also earn litle money for joy.but writing has many qualitys.we must maintain quality and dont cheat from others .this is the first rule of writing .you have develpo yourself with writing power and thinking a days courses also introduced like technical writing.this are highly paid jobs and very responsible.this is a great platfprm for us to improve ourself by

ibibo 6


i have been working in since 9 months.i am now facing strange problems with them .once they cutted by 2000 from the last 1month my points 600 is it justified.quality team is playing with me.when i asked a question they are unable to answer it.i am not going to leave the quality team of ibibo. ibibo is trying to create second orkut and destroy the youngsters .just now i email this matter to some editor of daily newspaper in coming day i will take this matter to media .

working online 1

working online

working online is very difficult because for payments we have to wait for a long time .so this is one factor worried by many people.people still want to get earning from online but it should not take along time for payments.because they work here for something then if they waiting it will disturb feelings and he stopped working till he gets this is the biggest worries of online eraning payments.but it is sure that we get money.but it takes some i request people not to worry about payments and start working.

share market 2

share market

indian share market had shown some good results in the past years .sensex touched all time high many times .this is a good time to invest in share market .people also taking mutal funds and taking advantage of the market.

online scams 2

online scams

online scams are disturbing people to use scams are the biggest problems today.lot of email comes like you have won uk lottery,microsoft lottery etc.they will be asking you to pay 400 dollars for claming your prize .if you pay your not going to get a single pie also.because this is all scam and they can use your personal information for terrorist acts and making id of your name and use .so becare while you are online.internet job scams they will say that they will give job after sending money .but unfortunately they are criminals they run of with your jobs most of

rising india rupees 2

rising india rupees

indian rupees is rising in the international market and dollar value is going down.indian rupees is showing good strong strengt in international market.

great city of hyderabad 2

great city of hyderabad

hyderabad is well know city of nawabs and culture.hyderabad is the peacefull city where all are like brothers.its a beautiful place for visitor to see the old age has culture and traditional.hyderabad has lots of development such as hitech city and metro rails,shopping malls etc.but traffic in hyderabad is too much we have to wait for a long time in the signals to cross the road .this is due to lots of people coming here for bussiness.the road are packed with traffic so this one thing government should think of .hyderabadi food is very famous in the world biryani ,dum ke kheem

m commerce 0

m commerce

m commerce in india is just started now .many companys are using this facility to grab customers.companys belive that they are getting good response from will work for them.m commerce means mobile commerce it is great way to target your customer by sending sms message about offers and is getting huge response from people .this is the direct advertisment to cutomer .so it is sure that i would work in near future lots of companys adopted this technology as a part of developing there busssiness.they send sms to there regular customer or who have registered there number f