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I am Studying for exams!!! 7

I am Studying for exams!!!

Many would be wondering including eblogs admin as to why my interaction in this site has reduced considerably in the last couple of weeks. The topic of this blog may also surprise many.

Self-Appraisal 1


Human tendency is that one expects others to evaluate ones performance. Even in such situations, critical comments are generally not accepted and understood in the right perspective.

Blogging 4


I have observed people write blogs with some purpose, probably with a sole purpose of exposing ones knowledge. But then I feel that blogs should not be a news channel.

Life is a dream 2

Life is a dream

Life is a dream. Live it through. You know not what is in store the next minute. Take care that you are in no way a stumbling block.

Ban Cigarette Production 8

Ban Cigarette Production

Cigarette has become a bane on the lives of human beings. The addiction to it is growing in alarming proportions. After all human mind is very easily susceptible to influences.