Author: shreeradha

Waves and ocean 1

Waves and ocean

We all are like waves on the ocean! Meet up for one moment and depart in another! What a small period! Of few years! Compared to infinity! There is no relation among waves and waves!

Fact and Postulates 0

Fact and Postulates

Our intellect relies on logic and empirical evidence for making decisions! If we say the sun gives light, it is not a postulate but a fact!

Practice 2


It is not at all compulsory to think divinity in the places where you find it difficult to imagine.

Beast 3


That human being is a beast, who does not set God realization as his only goal.

Define God 1

Define God

God is another name of reservoir of unlimited exhilaration. To be more precise, God is unlimited and never-ending happiness.



In fact there is need to understand basic differences between DIVINE LOVE and WORLDLY LOVE.