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Reliance IPO 6

Reliance IPO

Reliance IPO- India’s biggest IPO ever. I was also excited to apply for this IPO. So I went to Reliance Money office for inquiry. They given me all details about How to apply for that.

Tata’s 1 lac car nano 1

Tata’s 1 lac car nano

The day before yesterday Tata launched World’s cheapest car in Delihi. Newspapers are still giving news related to the car. This car was dream of Ratan Tata since 10 years. He want to manufacture a “People’s car”; & he succeed in his dream. World’s cheapest car was “Maruti 800” now its position is captured by “Tata nano”.

LifeTime Prepaid in just Rs. 99/- 1

LifeTime Prepaid in just Rs. 99/-

In our city Kolhapur this day was different than other for telecom sector. In local newspaper ad was published that “Lifetime prepaid for just Rs.99” I wondered & ignored that ad. I was thinking that there might be some conditions of purchasing new handset to get new Lifetime card. So I ignored that.
Now it was about 5 p.m. My friend called me & said, “Hey,come here I want Rs.100 urgently.” So I went to that place and I was shocked to see that a long queue was for a “Lifetime Prepaid.” I asked there for what purpose the queue was? I got the expected answer.

Internet’s TimeMachine 1

Internet’s TimeMachine

Many of you might have have read about time machine or might have read book on “Time Machine”. How a Hero story goes in past & changes the thing was about to happen. How he survive people. Then how anti-social activity power makes twist in his good work!! & story ends. These story, movies are not real.

But I here to show you real “WayBack Machine”. Many of you may not remembering Home Page of Yahoo! in 1998, 2000. Or many of them are just beginner to internet. Also website is not a thing that can be kept in museum. or it not constant. It is always changing with time & technology.

Got My First Earnings!!! 2

Got My First Earnings!!!

Today is the golden day for me. I have got my first earning by money order. I am too much excited today!!! I am planning now how to spend it. I will purchase something for my “Aai” (mother) & “baba” (Dad) defiantly. Even if this money is not too much but still I am happy with it.

How to Download Unlimited from Rapidshare 0

How to Download Unlimited from Rapidshare

Rapidshare is file hosting website that has 200 Gigabit/s of Internet connectivity and 4 Petabytes(10^15) of storage. Which is world’s biggest & fastest file hosting site. You can upload your files to this site & share with others by sending URL of your file. But for unlimited download you should have premium account; which is not possible for everyone. So here I am giving you a trick to download Unlimited without premium account.

Smsgupshup– Free Group message really rocks 1

Smsgupshup– Free Group message really rocks

I have explained about websites that are giving service of free sms. I have tested them on 31st Dec. I got there performance, efficiency & delay time for receiving sms.
First I had send sms from Which gives service to send sms of 160 character & only 2 daily. My sent sms is not received yet!!!!

Second it was I had sent sms at 8p.m on 31st. It was received @ 5 a.m. on 1st of Jan. So this site gives sms delivery for sure but requires time.

First Blog Post in New Year 0

First Blog Post in New Year

Here comes my first blog post in New Year; also this blog entry is first in eblogs also. I wake up in the morning early & for wishing my friends by email I had opened my Gmail. There was a new message of eblogs. Email was about eblogs is changed & reopened with new features. I came to eblogs & just Amazing look of eblogs was(still it is)!!!

Orkut, Gtalk, Ymail, Yahoo messenger all on One page. 0

Orkut, Gtalk, Ymail, Yahoo messenger all on One page.

Reading by title, you may say How it is possible??? But by using Google homepage it is just easy to bring more than one applications on a single page.

For bringing all application on Google Home page Do as follows:

Step 1

Go to & sign in to your Google account.

Step 2

On top right hand corner there is option iGoogle. Click on it

OR paste this URL in your browser

Step 3

Now here you can bring applications that you want.
On right hand side click on “Add stuff”

Paste URL

Step 4