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1. Ashwini- Polite, sweet speech, fond of jewels, good dress, handsome, popular, intelligent, expert in art and sciences.
2. Bharani- Truthful, persevering, healthy, skillful, free from cares, happy.
3. Krithika- Voracious eater, fond of others” wives, handsome, famous.
4. Rohini- Truthful, man of principles, polite, steady, handsome
5. Mrigasira- Capricious, skillful, cowardly, talkative, light-hearted, rich, fond of enjoyment.
6. Aridra- Dissimulator, proud, ungrateful, cruel hearted, sinful and fond of killing.
7. Punarvasu- Penitent, happy, good tempered, little cracked, sickly, thirsty, contented with small gains.
8. Pushyami- Very quiet, popular, learned, wealthy and fond of good deeds.
9. Aslesha- Pretender, cheating partners, sinful, ungrateful, clever in swindling others.
10. Makha- Enjoyment in life, many servants, great wealth, religious, respectful, highly contended.
11. Pubba- good speech, liberal, handsome, traveller, submissive.
12. Uttara- Popular, learned, enjoyable life, free from cares.
13. Hasta- Hopeful, steady, given to strong liquors, unkind, pilferer.
14. Chitra- charming eyes, fond of various coloured clothes.
15. Swathi- Polite, moral merchant, kind-hearted, sweet words, fond of doing meritorious deeds.
16. Visakha- Narrow-minded, jealous, miser, good looking, clever in the art of speech, quarrelsome.
17. Anuradha- Wealthy, residence in a foreign country, not capable of enduring hunger, roving habits.
18. Jyeshta- Jolly, few friends, charitable, unreasonably angry.
19. Moola- Conceited, wealthy, happy, kind hearted, resolute, enjoyment in life.
20. Poorvashaada- Good and agreeable wife, concieted, constant in friendship.
21. Uttaraashada- Polite, charitable, grateful, popular, many friends.
22. Shravana- Rich, learned, good and chaste wife, enjoyable life, famous.
23. Dhanishta- Wealthy, liberal, courageous, fond of music, avaricious.
24. Shathabhisha- Eloquent and distinct speaker, gambler, fond of bad women, murderer of enemies, adventurous, deep hearted.
25. Poorvabhadra- Sorrowful, submissive to women, wealthy, clever, miserly.
26. Uttarabhadra- Eloquent speaker, happy, blessed with children and grandchildren, unrivalled, charitable.
27. Revathi- Well developed body, popular, warrior, man of strict moral principles, wealthy.


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