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Dual Personality

Have u ever thought why u sometimes behave differently?, I mean dual personality. There are two people that live in each of us every single day. These two people are constantly battling each other for power and control. You must learn to choose the you that you want to truly be, regardless of how difficult it may be, or how tough the struggle might become.

Within each of us, there is always two people who are constantly struggling for control and power. There is the positive the negative and us us. One side is the perfect image of everything we can possibly be, do, and have. The other side is a perfect image of us at our worst and lowest in life. You must be willing to fight the lowest in order to become the highest, ignore the negative you in order to become the positive you.

Every day we are faced with choices, often times small ones, that move us closer to one or the other. Every single day we lay down being more of one or the other, and this is a battle that lasts a lifetime. You must be strong enough, willing enough, capable enough to choose the positive you over the negative you in every moment of your life.

The more you choose to do the right thing, to do those things that move you toward what you want to be, do, and have, the more you choose the positive you. The more you decide to be lazy or dishonest, the more you move toward the negative you. Eventually it becomes easier to make decisions that support the one you have given the most attention to, and that side of you begins to prevail.

The negative side of you is the person who will lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate to have, do, or be anything you want. This is the side of you that lives a miserable existence and can’t stand to look in the mirror each day.

The positive side of you however is much, much different. This side of you is more concerned with others and what you have to offer others in order to help them live happier, better, easier, more fulfilling lives. The positive you is clean cut, strong, powerful, happy, and constantly looking for how you can give more than you take from the world. The side of you that leaves a mark that is remembered for generations in a big and positive way.

So learn to choose, every second, of every day, which one you want to be. I know it is always difficult to choose ,I mean to choose the good one, but we should try.

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    Very good blo0g posted

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    thanks amit for ur comment.

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