A royal joke

It is the time of elections in India’s neighborhood. Bhutan, Pakistan and now Nepal had elections. It is a good sign. On this occasion, I want to share a joke with you. I have titled as Royal Joke as both participants are royal. Bhutan King comes from the royal family of Bhutan. Sonia Gandhi is the new royal family of India. .

सोनिया गाँधी – भूटान नरेश, आपने अपने देश में चुनाव करा कर एक सराहनीय काम किया है. अब आपका देश भी एक प्रजातांत्रिक देश हो गया है. इस के लिए आपको मेरी वधाई.

भूटान नरेश – महोदया आप का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद. आपका देश तो पहले से ही एक प्रजातांत्रिक देश है, पर आप उस में प्रजातंत्र कब लागू कर रही हैं?

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3 Responses

  1. UWON says:

    Originally Sonia Gandhi is of Italy.What is the reason u r saying her Royal King?


  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hello Sir, Ha ha ha ha very cool joke. Sonia Gandhi is the new royal family of congress party not for India. It is the congress party which is mad to have Sonia Gandhi as party leader… What do sonia gandhi know about India?? Congress party living bcoz of the past leaders…

    Madhu Vamsi….

  3. Service_to_all says:


    Sonia comes from a very ordinary family. That she has got the Gandhi tag has made her royal by the sycophants of the Indian congress men.


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