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Agaaz yeh hai tab anzaam kya hoga???

Year 2008 had set in.Two couples step out of the hotel in Mumbai after ushering new year in. A mob pounces on them. The women are groped on the street. Two media lensmen catch the horror on film. Morning newspapers tell the people. There is an outcry. Mumbai police commissoner unmasks himself and his police force. He blames media, said police can not be present everywhere, such incidents will keep on happenng, it can happen now, it can happen at this place. The language used by him was bad and insulting. His body language was revolting. His statement shocked me. He praised his cops. But country’s first woman IPS officer, Kiran Bedi, says that cops should have nabbed the culprits and filed a complaint. What is in store for people in 2008 with such a police commissioner?

Jehadis raid CRPF camp in Rampur and kill eight people. Chief Minister Mayawati has done her duty by slamming CRPF for laxity. I am sure Manmohan Singh has also not lost his sleep over these killings. How many Indians will be killed by jehadis, and how many terrorsts will be saved by Govt in year 2008?

Rs. 13 crores and 72 immovable properties, but Mayawati gets a clean chit and seal of legitimacy from IT Tribunal seemingly under coalition adharma. Lalu Prasad has already got this clean chit. How many corrupt politicians will be be given clean chit in year 2008?

After Gurgaon school, a schoolboy in Satna district of MP. shoots his schoolmate with “katta” of his father. Is this trend going to be a regular feature of year 2008?

Indian cricket team is playing against umpires in addition to Australians. As many as four decisions went against India at the SCG. Steve Buckner did not give Symonds out, whereas Symonds said, “I was very lucky. I was on 30 and given not out. that is cricket”. He made century. How many such wrong decision Indian cricket team s going to accept in year 2008?

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Why blame the police alone. What was the need for the couple to stray in the middle of the night, knowing pretty well that the new years eve will as always have some trouble from the drunken mobs. In that state balanced thoughts are a priceless commodity.

    Dont we have a saying, “Stay away from bad deeds and people”

    People dont learn lessons.


  2. nishunishaa says:

    watch out for my post and let me know …about the results…via poll…..

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