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Any harm to Ram Setu will be more than demolition of Babri structure

The so called “eminent” persons have once again prepared a report as asked by the Govt. These nine eminent persons under the leadership of some more eminent person are part of a committee constituted by the Govt. to examine the Sethusamudram ship canal project in the wake of the furore over the center’s affidavit doubting the existence of Shri Ram. The committee has delivered what it was asked to deliver.

The stage is set for another round of fight between UPA and Sangh Parivar. The common man like me were always against the govt affidavit and any move to cause harm to Ram Setu. The people will ever be against this willful disregard of Hindu beliefs. I believe in Shri Ram. He is my Ishta Dev. I believe that Ram setu was constructed by Shri Ram as depicted in Ramayana. Geological, geographical and remote sensing investigations have no meaning for me.

The so-called seculars have been crying hoarse over demolition of Babri structure even when it was not a Mosque as per Islamic standards. Ram Setu is associated with entire Hindu faith. Any harm to Ram Setu will be much more than the demolition of Babri structure. It will be an insult to Hindu faith and Hindu Asmita.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Captain balakrishna an experienced mariner, has stated and which appeared in the rediff site, that the Sethu Samudram project will be a fiasco as no major traffic will flow through, since most of the ships these days are of very high capacity and will not be able to use the route even if empty.


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