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Cricket has become obscene

There was a time when it was said that cricket is a gentlemen’s game. Cricket is there but it is no more a gentlemen’s game. We have seen what happened in Australia on field and out of field. A cricketer accused another cricketer of calling him monkey. Match referee listened to one side only and handed out a ban to the accused for 3 matches. A Halla Bol was organized by the team of the accused cricketer and their cricket board. In appeal it came out that accused did not say monkey but said Maa ki ….. The ban was lifted. Calling a monkey was considered abuse by these so-called gentlemen but abusing mother is not abuse for them. Funny logic and funny game.

Now cricketers have been auctioned. We have seen houses being auctioned, land being auctioned, items being auctioned, but in cricket gentlemen cricketers have been auctioned. A cricketer will throw one ball and earn Rs. 1 lakh. How much his buyer will get is to be seen? Today’s newspaper looked obscene to me with this news.

How can one call cricket a gentlemen’s game? They abuse each other on field and out of field. They are bought by businessmen through auction like a commodity.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Hello Sir,

    History is being repeated. The days of slave trade. The cricketers are slaves to their master who have bought them.


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