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Did conversion help?

Many Hindus in India have left their born faith and converted to other faiths. This was prompted by their desire to seek a living which was denied to them because they belonged to lower castes, dalits. They were assured of an improvement in the quality of their life by the people of other faiths. They were also assured equality in the new faith. But all this has not come true. These people are now agitating for reservation claiming that they are still dalits. See the agitation launched by converted Christians and Buddhists.

I am always against conversion, but I am also in favour of an individual having freedom to decide his or her faith. But in case of almost all conversions taking place in India, it is not the free will of person converting, but motivated or instigated by people of other faiths. This is where it is wrong.

I also believe that faith is purely personal, and no other person has any role or right to enter this area. Any body entering this area and motivating or instigating to change faith is wrong. In my opinion, it is a crime against God, by whatever name these people address Him. Convincing and converting can not be a part of any religion. It is said about Islam and Christianity. I think it is an aberration. It is not natural. God is one. Only people call Him by different names.

Church burning is wrong. Attacking any religious place is wrong. Violence in the name of religion is wrong. And believe me, all this starts when people of one faith start exploiting weaknesses of other people to force them to conversion. Whatever violence is seen is largely due to this act of conversion. Why can’t people live in their own faith with love and peace? Why should they bother about other peoples” faith?

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4 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    it is good if done for a good cause

  2. Sulochana says:

    You are right .Most People convert to other religion in the hope get rid of poverty . When they see all those were false promise they feel cheated . Had you gone thru the news of the lady who was cured by the Mother after her death and was used as the proof in Mother’s beatification . She is now starving because of lack of work and food .

    There are some other reasons of conversion too besides poverty , but mostly people do it driven by others . And at an age of religious intolerance like midddle age we cannot expect those illeterate people to behave sanely .

  3. naveen says:

    Here in Hyderabad and in my native place, I have seen Christian fathers throwing alms and converting people into Christianity. In my native place, they are lot of poor people who even cannot buy their food. They are impressed with these and changed their religion and even names. Later, they are forced not to go to the temple and keep faith on the only God, Jesus.

    My colleagues who are Christians seems to be idiots and they say that their God said not to go to the temple. They even don’t take the “prasadam” saying that their God don’t allow that and something wrong happens if they take it. I have seen this type of behavior in lot of Christians almost 99%. Don’t know, what their education taught them.

    But, Hindus here takes part in Muslim festivals, visits Masques. Even, I don’t hesitate to go to Masque or Church. What’s wrong in Christianity? I think this type of converting motivating the Hindus to do wrong things.

    Naveen Kumar

  4. Sulochana says:

    People even think that religion must have some strict regulation and on violation of which one should get punished . As Hinduism is basically an open religion with so many sub-religions and faiths people are open to know about other religion and take participate in activities in other religions . The stricter commandments and regulations in Christainity and Islaam(specially for women) also now attract more people toward these religions .

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