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Divorce via video-conferencing

They met on the net. They fell in love. Their love bloomed into marriage. God gifted them with a child. Now they want divorce. Straight out of a film? But it is real.

The wife is Indian and husband is NRI. They started chatting on the net. After sometime, they decided to marry. He came to India and they got married in Delhi in 2001. She migrated to US where they had a child. After one-and–half year she came back to India. She had now filed a case for divorce in Tis Hazari court in Delhi.

The NRI husband has agreed to pay Rs. 30 lakhs as compensation to Indian wife. They have also agreed for husband to use video conferencing to depose in the case, as it will be difficult for him to come to Delhi to attend every hearing for want of time and money.

It will be the first such case in a Delhi court. Let us see how it goes through. Last year, such a case came before a Chennai court but was suspended due to glitches. Will Delhi set a new trend?

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4 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    When we can have Talaqs through a telephone call, out of a dream etc. This is also possible.


  2. pulak_2442 says:

    Marriage becomes one kind of good business for ladies.
    No investment only profit and profit.

  3. MOKSHA says:

    Thanks for sharing……..there are instances where in bride sits in front of her PC & the groom sits in front of his PC & the kazi asks individually ” nikaah kabool ” than why couples cannot divorce through video confressing. Today people are so busy that they do not have time to eat , sleep & drink so how can they spare time for attending court hearings ?

  4. Swathi says:

    According to the changing mentality of the people in india hearing to such news is not at all shocking..Marriage is now like a dress till its new it has good views but once time passes its dumped in the dustbin………….

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