Hate is weakness

Many people hate other people for various reasons. But in hating they overlook one thing that this hate becomes their weakness. Let me explain it by an example. Two good friends separated due to some misunderstanding. Like a filmy situation, they said to each other that so far you have seen my love, but now you will see my hate. Their enemies saw this as an opportunity to settle their own scores with these two friends turned enemies. When they were friends their enemies could not harm them. But now they were alone and hating each other. And this hate was used as a weapon by their enemies, adding fuel to the fire of hate. Eventually both ex-friends worked to harm each other and in the process destroyed themselves.

Communists” unnatural hold over Congress is a classic example of this. Congress” hate for BJP has become its weakness. Communists are exploiting this weakness to further their selfish interests. Congress can not move a step without the permission of communists. Every day communists threaten congress with the fear of loosing power to BJP. Congress to remain in power swallows all insults and become a partner in harming national interests. It is said that congress president is one of the few top strongest persons in the world, but her party and government can not move a step ahead without being allowed by communists.

As per a news item, sections of the government are hopeful that despite its usual threats, the communists will allow it to go to Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) which is meeting in Johannesburg from May 19. PMO sources talk of a “cautious optimism” – hoping the communists would remove the barrier and allow Indian negotiators to attend the meeting. Will you ever expect such language for a strong government run by a strong party?

But congress and its government have become weak due to their hate for BJP and loosing power to it. If only congress says that it will go ahead on nuclear deal and it is not afraid to loosing power to BJP, the situation will be transformed to that of a strength. But hate has made congress weak and a weak government can not take strong actions.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Hello sir,

    It is said and also sad that the Congress president is the strongest person in the world. It is also unfortunate, that we do not have a bhumi putra handle the post.


  2. lkjhgf says:

    Hate is always a weakness whether it is between the frnds or some family person or any third person.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

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