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Husain should come back and face the law

A Delhi court has issued a notice to Husain to appear before it in a case related to him painting Bharat Mata and Hindu Gods in nude. Husain has run away from the country to avoid facing the law.

Hussain has hurt the feelings of Hindus. He and his supporters have cried freedom of expression. No body under the law can hurt others” feelings citing freedom of expression. He should come and appear before the court. He should willingly accept if court awards him any punishment. Why is he running away? Court may even let him go unpunished.

He has said that in India he will not be safe. If he is proud of his nude paintings then he should not be afraid. Many people in history have suffered but stood for their beliefs. And if he thinks that he has done a wrong thing then he should come and apologize to people and accept his punishment.

Painting nude is not art. It is a visual expression of what the painter has in his mind. People say that Husain is a great painter. He should not be considered even a painter. He is like a porno writer who puts his dirty thoughts on paper in form of words. He has done it in the form of a painting. He is like those who print Hindu Gods, Gandhiji and other great people on undergarments manufactured by them to earn a livelihood.

He is 92 year old. He should not leave this world with this charge against him. He should come back to India and face the law.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    During the times of posts in NDTV forums, I remember Radhikarajen’s pungent statement of how M F Hussain was asked by him as to whether he would paint his parents in conjugal bliss and the reaction of M F Hussain that was described said it all.

    For your information Radhikarajen is no more. His works are being continued by his very close friend in the id of “FLESH”


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