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Love is natural and hate is an aberration

God has created many living beings. Human beings are the best creation amongst all living beings. But under the influence of false ego, human being have turned out to be a liability on Mother Earth.They do not miss any chance to pollute nature.

God is manifested in every human being in the form of love. When we love others we in reality love God. But when we hate others we actually hate God. This hate is assuming different forms, violence being one of them. People kill each other on the slightest pretext. We should think, whether we will like to face our Creator with bloods of our fellow human beings on our hands.

We should remember that love is natural and hate is an aberration. So friends, love all and hate none.

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    But there is this sect which let out blood in the name of God. Did God want it is a question to be answered.


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