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Merchants of hate

Politicians in India only know how to divide. They have turned every human aspect in to negative tool which they use to divide. Whether it is religion, language, caste, origin, urban, rural, rich, poor, the politicians have used all of them to create hate amongst people.

The hate campaign in Maharashtra is still on. Abdul Rezzak Mollah, a CPI-M minister has opened the hate front in West Bengal. Speaking at a function to celebrate the Bengali language, he vomited hate against the Marwari community calling them “”manage masters”” who are bribing their way to success in business and ruining the state.

Most of these hate campaigns turn in to violent protests resulting in loss of lives and property. The irony in Raj’s hate campaign against people from Bihar and UP is that it resulted in the death of a person who is a Maharashtrian.

It is unfortunate that people do not see evil designs of these politicians and succumb to the hate messages. No politician is hurt. Only people get hurt. But the hate shops still do thriving business.

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