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Photos of politicians in public ads

Every morning I read newspaper. Every morning I see photos of ministers in ads issued using public money. It is a nuisance. I pay taxes to the Govt and in return it gets on to my nerve with misleading ads having photos of ministers.

Why Govt should put ministers” photos on advertisements? They claim that the ads are issued in public interest but most of them are only in the interest of the ministers and their party. Some ministers also put photo of their queen in Govt ads knowing it full well that their queen has no official position in the Govt. But they do it to please her and they do it with public money. Citizens do not pay taxes so that the ministers can do chamchagiri. For this they should spend their own or their party’s money.

In every ad put up by Transport Department of Delhi, you will find photo of Delhi CM and her Transport Minister. This is one department which is responsible for death of more than 100 plus citizens of Delhi, in year 2007, by blueline buses allowed to run on Delhi roads by these two politicians. In 2008 so far, 14 people have been killed, and wife of one killed person has committed suicide. These ads only rub salt on the wounds caused by the Govt.

Do politicians in every country put their photos in public ads?

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6 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    just for the sake of publicity and nothing else…that these politicians are producing themselves in the public ads…if they are worth it then they are automatically on the front page why to take the place in the ads…

  2. dulaliputra says:


    The politicians these days are busy to show themselves bigger than what they are. And to do so they mis utilize public money in this way. We are guilty for this, because we are not going to discard these kind of politicians rather we vote them back to power over and over again.

  3. hamsavahini says:

    nice blog. its true that politicians are just wasting public money for their publicity. but i dont think thats the only way they are wasting public money. its difficult to find politicians nowadays who honestly want to do some good for the public.

  4. nenedevudu says:

    I too agree with you.

    It’s nothing but a waste thing by putting their photoes in ads.

  5. Service_to_all says:

    Hello sir,

    I definitely see your point. The uncrowned queen from an alien land is thrust powers by the day. Unfortunately we have spineless leaders and also citizens.

    God save this country.


  6. nishunishaa says:

    i hate those ppl…who show off and try to rule on us…

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