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Public has set a standard

The long delayed stretch of Gurgaon flyover was declared open on 14th January 2008 by public for public. Those who took this initiative deserve appreciation of entire public. Perhaps they are not aware of it but they have set a standard for govts, politicians and bureaucrats to follow.

Why roads, flyovers, bridges or any other such projects need VIP inauguration. Public money is used for these projects. These projects are for public. Why public should wait to use these facilities for want of some VIP not available for inauguration. A standard has now been set. No VIP is needed for cutting the ribbon.

Why should a politician be invited to cut the ribbon and dedicate the project to nation. In all probability he or she has not done anything for the project. A construction worker is the most eligible person to inaugurate the project.

Kiran Bedi is right. Traffic police should have helped public in declaring the flyover open. But every policeman is not like Kiran Bedi. They lost a chance to become a part in setting this standard.

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