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Ten questions needing your answers

Here are ten questions. Can you answer them?

Question 1 – Is election a war or a process of electing peoples” representatives?

Question 2 – Do we elect representatives or rulers?

Question 3 – Should crucial infrastructure projects wait for VIP inauguration or should be opened for use as soon as they are complete?

Question 4 – Should projects built with peoples” money be treated as largesses from those in power?

Question 5 – Should politicians be allowed to waste public money on their birth day tamashas?

Question 6 – Should religion be made the basis for reservation in a secular country?

Question 7 – Should Indians blindly follow western culture?

Question 8 – What are your views on live-in relationships?

Question 9 – Can corruption be totally eliminated from Indian society?

Question 10 – Are you proud to be an Indian?

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    A1-Q1. Neither. It is a drama and also those are not real peoples representatives.

    A2-Q2. We elect goons

    A3-Q3. Any way those projects crumble due to corruption as a result of poor quality.

    A4-Q4. Most are not tax payers. So they are not bothered.

    A5-Q5. They waste public money any way.

    A6-Q6. Politicians do not understand secularism

    A7-Q7. Gone beyond redemption.

    A8-Q8. It is best that this is answered by the product which comes out of this relationship

    A9-Q9. Yes when the society is eliminated.

    A10-Q10. Proud to be an Indian, but not this democratic India.


  2. dulaliputra says:

    1. In present perspective of the scenario in India it seem to be a war to acquire the chair.
    2. Do you think those people as our representative!!??
    3. No, never.
    4. No, never.
    5. No, never.
    6. No, never.
    7. No, never, we are the richest and the oldest culture in the world.
    8. Let all be happy.
    9. Why not, honest attempt to remind our own culture and values of life are required to be taught, which we have forgotten.
    10. Surely. I am sure that India will shine again against all odds.” Bharat abaar jagata sabhai srestha asana labe”. — India will secure its topmost position in the world. I am proud to be an Indian inheriting the rich and the oldest culture of the world. I am proud to be an Indian which is the land of Philosophers. I am proud to born in this country which has given birth to many sages, saints, great heroes, statesman. I am proud to be an Indian which is the harbinger of all knowledges of the world. Yes, I am always proud to be an Indian and wish to be here in each and every birth or reincarnation.

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