The buckling government

I always wonder what wrong people of India have done to deserve this government which has its strength from buckling under pressure. It buckles before United States. It buckles before communists. It buckles before Muslim fundamentalists. It buckles before its allies. It buckles before its hate for opposition. It buckles before its own party and coalition heavyweights.

The recent buckling is under US pressure, where the Indian government has been found stifling India’s nuclear programme. It has cut allocation in the budget for 2008-09 for nuclear programme. The new allocation for Department of Atomic Energy is Rs. 1333 crore less than last year’s allocations. This clearly is against its declared policy of projecting nuclear power as the answer to India’s future energy needs. Allocations have been cut for Nuclear Fuel Complex, Heavy Water Board, Board for radiation and Isotope technology, and the Thorium Plant. Budgetary support for various public sector enterprises has also been slashed and funds for several premier research institutions have been reduced.

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