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Violence on religion

I am a Hindu and I am proud to belong to a religion which does not ask its followers to work for converting people of other faith to Hindu faith. A person is born in a particular faith. I fully grant the person freedom of changing his or her faith if he or she is not satisfied in born faith. But that should be his or her free will. There should be no exploitation, no instigation or no threat by others. Aurangzeb killed sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji when they refused to convert to Islam. If anybody thinks that God became happy with Aurangzeb by this killing then that person is a criminal against God. God is all merciful. God does not discriminate. God loves all His children. How can He be happy if one one of His children kills another of His children.

I will not even think of changing my faith, because God is one and it is only we who call Him by different names. If a person changes his or her faith what actually changes? Does the person ceases to be a human being? Does the person’s relationship with God changes? Does the person stop living in the society? If a person can not be loyal to the born faith, that person cam not be loyal to the adopted faith.

I do not believe that there is a person who converted to other faith on his or her free will. In every case of conversion, there is another person or group which has exploited this person’s weakness to force conversion. Helping a person under condition to convert is a crime against God. All violence start only when some people force some other people to change their religion. They start the hate game and when they suffer they cry. I am sure that there will be no violence if these forced conversions stop, and initiative towards this should come those who believe in conversion.

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  1. nenedevudu says:

    God is one.

    Everybody is worshipping god but with different names, different idols….etc.

    Due to the personal profits by converting themselves into other religion, even though they are not interested in it, the people are converting into other religion.

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