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Why President is waiting and for what?

As per a news agency, Supreme Court was told during the hearing on a PIL on violence against the elderly, that parliament has passed a bill aimed at penalizing children and relatives of the elderly who do not take care of them. The legislation is “Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007”. The legislation s awaiting President’s assent.

Why President is waiting and for what she is waiting? Elderly in Delhi have become easy targets of criminals, and also of their children and relatives. Immediate steps are needed to prevent any more violence against them. But the Act is awaiting President’s assent to become the law. Why the delay?

President did not loose a minute in giving her assent to the amendment to law to sack AIIMS Chief. This law was made to satisfy the personal whims of Health Minister, an individual. Parliament and President worked to ensure that their colleague got what he wanted. They even did not bother about the fact that SC had posted a date for hearing a petition against the amendment.

Why President’s assent is being delayed in this important case. President herself is an elderly person. She has just received an 100% raise in her salary. But safety of other elderly persons is perhaps not important for her.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    She probably was waiting for pay hike, which has now been recently anoounced that it would 1 lak from 50K.

    May be there are a few MPs who may get into problems with this act and may have requested her to put it on hold.


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