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Hi all friends,Sorry after a long time i m here on eblog.Reason was different.I was having my 12th exams so from last month i stopped my other activities and started only study.Today only my exams got

My Dream 4

My Dream

My dream is to travel the world with my family for one whole year continuously. But it is too expensive to afford for any one right?

My sweet darling daughter 4

My sweet darling daughter

Today my sweet pie daughter truned 4 months old. She is such sweet cute darling I have & she is the most precious treasure I have in my life.

Making Money 1

Making Money

Making money is one everybody’s mind. Even I for that matter, think atleast once or twice in a day how to make money. Though I am employed & getting monthly salary, I feel it is just not enough.

Exams ! 3

Exams !

Examination is such an important aspect of a students’ life. People study when there are examination, even forget to eat and drink. Get too much engrossed in studies.