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Anglelic Magician

I feel proud to Introduce you to my favorite magician Chris Angel. Chris Angel is born in New York in 1967. He is a rock musician, street magician, illusionist, mentalist, hypnotist, stunt performer, escape artist, producer, director and a very good actor too.

He learned magic from his Aunt Stella when he was only 6 yr young. He is more inspired of Harry Houdini and want to make a name like his idol. He loves Hindustani music. You can hear mildly in his background. He has got many Magician Awards from 2005 and he has been booked for 2010 too.

What i admire about him that he is always hunger to learn something new, he is very good with children, he always ready to introduce new talents and is very close to his family, u can see them in all his shows, he is very attached to his mom and his brothers.

A episode touched my heart when i saw a young magician Chad wrote a letter to Chris saying that he wanted to meet him. Chad was having heart problem and faced death twice and after his bone marrow transplant had a dream to fulfill his father wish of becoming a great magician. Cris quickly went to meet Chad and made him perform in his magician friend Lance Burton theater in Los Vegas.

If you wanna meet his Angelic Magician, you don’t need to go to New York or Los Vegas, all you have to is to see Star World on Thursday night 10:30 IST. He has his own program called Mindfreak which comes to dazzle you !!!

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