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Blog writing

I love writing and sharing things and learning things as well. Blog writing is a cool thing to express yourself. Thanks eblogs for giving the opportunity to earn along with writing.
I read so many interesting articles, i am new and trying to reach the member who have written many blogs. Wish i write more than 100 blogs here and wish to write more.
The most interesting blogs i have come across are the recipe of Mom’s paratha that is great. I am glad ppl are liking my writing and replying to me for my dreams blog. Though i can write more about dreams. I can talk hrs but when i sit to write i tend to forget the words and exact sentence to put. That is my problem and i know that i have to over come. I will soon.

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2 Responses

  1. UWON says:

    Hi good to see u here also.

  2. nazeer says:

    write article on food or games because lot of people goes to office so they do not watch games u can share the games with them.
    about food there lot of girl they do not know how perpare food so if u share this it is nice..friend all the best .

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