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Heroes come to your TV screen every Tuesday night at 9:00 IST in Star World. It is about ordinary individuals living an exordinary lives. Suddenly their life turn up side down when they discover their superpower in them.

Peter Petrelli male nurse who has ability to observe other’s power….

Niki Sanders who have strange connection with mirrors

Hiro Nakomura a japanese who can stop time and teleport into any time zone

Matt Parkman wanna be FBI cop who can hear people thoughts

Nathen Petrelli who can fly

Dr. Suresh an Indian, whose blood can save hundred lives

And mainly a Claire Bennet a cheerleader who can heal herself….

We see how their power takes them to a Heroic journey. How they they discover a Hero in them ….Their ultimate destiny nothin less than saving world….

Ps: Now they are showing Season Two….

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi cindy, I don’t know about Heroes Tv serial in star world. But after reading your blog entry, I am inspired to see this show in coming days.

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