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International Roadies

The famous program in MTV called Roadies 5.0 takes a big leap into International Roadies. Roadies come to rock your world every Saturday night at 7: 00 IST

Roadies is program where 13 roadies start their journey from Goa to Malaysia and Thailand. They have leave their everyday life to set for an adventurous trip. The should give up their mobile, wallet and the things they use in day today lives. Here they should cook them self, earn money to keep them in game. They are also given a new task everyday and have to perform well in order to get immunity or advantage. And there will be elimination every program.

There more vengeance and hatred in the serial than preforming the task. Each one wants to beat another. The new Roadie come up with surprise everyday, no one can judge or predict what will happen next. The program is conducted by famous winner of Season One Ranvijay.

I wish all the Roadies Good Luck ! GAME ON

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi Cindy, I used to watch this show regulary but the politics between the Roadies and elimination of good contestants made me less interested and now I am not watching this show anymore. I feel the show should have better eliminations than the present vote out format. Anyhow Roadies 5.0 is not as interesting any more to me… 🙁

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