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Kamaal ka actor

My fav actors in the world are in Hindi Aamir , in Tamil Kamal and in English Tom Cruise.
I am here to talk about my hero Kamal Hassan. He is boon to Tamil Film Industry.

He has always been my inspiration, i wanna become a great dancer like him. He is walking talking encyclopedia. There is nothing he can speak about. I guess he has done everything, acting a dawf, a ghost, a lady, blind, what you think, he would have done that. He is perfectionist to the T

He has been working on his prestigious project Mardunaygam, i hope i spelled it right !
I know when it comes, it is goin to blow the box office. Another best film of his is coming, where he has played 10 Avatars. Dasaawtaram. I cannot wait to see his film.
I wish all the Luck and hope this film gives more success in life 🙂

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    Kamal Hassan, is one artist who does his homework on whatever role he is taking up. He literally lives the role. It is no wonder he is the recipient of the National award for best actor 3times.

    The other aspect that he attempts to have complete control over, is the deliverance in the language of the movie. In Maro Charithra” the telugu version of “Ek Duje ke Liye” which was remade in Hindi, his command over both telugu and Hindi is par excellence. I still remember the various forms of deliverance of Hindu and telugu by the various sections of the respective societies. He was able to bring about the subtle variances in the languages.


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