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Magical Creature of the sea

Sea is the bed for unique and magical living creatures. One such magical creature is Dolphins. They are unique by nature. They are smarter than humans and chimps.
Dolphins are playful and helpful in nature. Dolphins are also useful in Militery prupose for their sonar ability. They even help to cure of the some of the diseases.
Seeing Dolphin makes a crying face transform into smile.

There are many kind of Dolphins

1. Bottlenosed Dolphins
2. Spinner Dolphins
4. Dusky Dolphins
5. Spotted Dolphins
6. Common Dolphins
7. And last but no the least my fav Pink Dolphins which are known as Amazon River Dolphins

Bot or Pink Dolphins which are found rarely Amazon, Singapore and Hong Kong.
They are slow swimmer. They become fully pink when they are 26 yr old. I went to Singapore just see this magical creature, but could not get a chance to touch them,
they say it feels like swade.

There is myth that these Pink dolphins were shape shifter and they turn to a mermaid and if you see them there face resembles of human. When i went to Singapore, the hotels and tourism group did not even tell about Dolphin Lagoon is Santosa, i was very angry and requested them to tell everyone who came to Singapore about this wonderful creature. They are also extinct, we all should make in a point to spread an awareness helps save these wonderful creatures.

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3 Responses

  1. Swathi says:

    Hi buddy…………
    Nice work really………
    I really didnt knew so much bout the sweet dolphins………….

  2. jmalhotra says:


    you have given a good awareness to all of us about the dolphins ..sad to know that they are going to be extinct soon

  3. lkjhgf says:

    Good information about the dolphins which has good understanding capability.
    They r hardly seen anywhere in india.

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