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New bussiness Part One

There will no woman in this world does not know or do this business called Tupperware. Tupperware is selling plastic bowls which is introduced by American chemist Earl Tupper in 1945. These plastic food containers , they have ability to contain and preserve the content life long.

This business is done by arranging a party in the house which was started by a American Woman named Brownie Wise. Their concept is to arrange for a party in the house and call your friends and neighbors and show this wonderful things and make them buy it too…

Though they say this is not MLM, i won’t lie to you it has chain thing too, you should join and make others join too, so how come it is not a chain system, I wonder? And you should see those Woman do the business, they are like Robot who only think, sleep and drink the business. If they are sweet to you that is b”cos you buy the stuff from them, otherwise this bussiness have potential to make a friends into foe for life.
But if you work hard you can even earn more and archive your goals in life.

I once went to this Tupperware office with my mom very long back, that time they even had songs which goes like this….

Tupperware, up in ur head,
down in your knee,
all over my body ye ye ye…..

But one things we should know, when you join this business, u will become part of a family where there is competitions along with a camaraderie ship in people.
They also have awards to encourage others.

If you like making friends, meeting new ppl, have a gift for gab, then this is the bussiness just for you, you just have to tell ppl about Tupperware and make more money….

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  1. Sulochana says:

    But this kind of chain business is not for all , specially when people now are tired of this kind of business .Anyway informative post .

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