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News Circus

Hi, Friends you know there is new circus in town, a circus with it own background music score. I am talking about News circus. These news channel are the biggest circus in town. They give more important to celebrity life than what actually happening in the world. Instead of giving importance of the global warming, they talk about whether Ash is pregnant, when Kareena will marry and latest one whether Manayata Dutt is pregnant or not.

And main thing is when they were talking about ASH ABHI marriage, they made Tarot card to predict whether this marriage will succeed or not. That sound very stupid. Instead of wishing them good happy married life they ask ppl to sms whether the marriage begins with a happy note.

I wonder, what will happen when there in no news for these circus channel to show.
What happen when ppl are happy and content with their life. What kind of stunt they will pull ? Think about it and send me your comment.

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