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Prince of Persia

I have strange things with the game, you know i learnt how to use a computer by playing this game Prince of Persia. When i was studying for my 10th this game came to me. Like all the brothers, my bro is great in computer and had very less intention to teach me how to use one. I always asked him to teach me some basic, but he was keen on using the comp himself, but when the time came for me to atleast start the game,
i remembered what keys he typed, gradually i that i learnt how to play and use the comp.

I have played all the Prince of Persia, the game and the adventure we go through fascinates me. Now i am playing Prince of Persia Sand of time, here our Prince has to team up in order to return the Sand of Time to the hourglass by using dagger of Time which gives him full control of flow of time. It is great game where we come across lots of solving puzzles, over coming many difficult tasks. I will let you know more of the games i play. So keep looking forward for my game review….

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  1. Sulochana says:

    Interesting reead , today those kids who didnot study computer as school subject learn it mostly for game and other accessories .

  2. jmalhotra says:


    Interesting facts and update

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