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Salute the unsung Heroes

Hello friends, i am here to talk to you about a rare and great serial which is aired every night at 9:30 IST in Sab Tv. The serial is called Left Right Left.

The serial is about a Military Academy called KMA where you not only learn to defend
yourself in the War but also learn to archive greatness in your life.

There are 4 boys Huda, Yudi, Alekh, Ali and 2 girls Naina and Pooja.

Allow me to introduce each cadets to u ….

Huda – is a flirt, spoil brat and mommas boy who loves his cow more than his friends.
He joined KMA after loosing bet with his mom.

Yudi – is gadget freak, who joined KMA in order to get rid of his family.

Alekh – is a street smart and he has been put by is jail authority to teach him some discipline.

Ali – is a obedient boy whose dream is to become a Officer one day.

Naina – is determined, she came to give her brother justice.

Pooja – is walking mobile phone, she joined KMA to search her boy friend.

Now about the program Left Right Left, i love everything the dialog, actors and mainly the concept.

I bow to Sab Tv for making such serials, hats of to you guys !!! Though this serial got very less awards but I Salute the team who are the unsung hero and looking forward to see more serials like this in future.

LRL Rocks

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