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I am here to talk about another different program which is aired every night at 9: 00 IST in Sab TV called Jersey No 10. It is about a Academy for Cricket for guys and Tennis for girls.

The serial revolves around 2 boys Nakul and Arjun who are at present enemy in the field. Nakul is sweet and very ambitious and Arjun is rich brat who think he is the best candidate to win the most honorable Jersey No 10. The serial is about who wins it.

They show the politics inside the Academy and how the girls tennis team are given less importance and more important is give to as usual Cricket. That is what happening in the real world too. People are forgetting that there are more games, like Football and Hockey and i just want to remember my reader that Hockey is our National game !!!!

India came become One when they start giving importance to all the games and treat every game as One !!!

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