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Stars and Cricket

Has anyone thought we could buy cricketers? Well our Bollywood stars have jumped from buying restaurant to buying the cricketers. Now each stars have started their own Cricket league.

Sharukh and his friend and colleague Juhi have bought Kolkota team, he has given apt name Knight Riders, they really look like Warriors with Golden helmet. I also heard that he is coming with theme song, i guess it has released, i have no idea. But i bet it will be great. I know whatever Sharukh touches will turn into gold. I hope he will also help and give important to other games like Football and Hockey which we all tend to forget that it is also our National game.

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    I guess you have heard this song, sung by swedish troupe ABBA, popular in the 70’s till early 80’s

    Money, Money, Money,
    Its so funny,
    In the rich mans world.

    It is all business. Do you think all those are putting in their money to promote a game. Definitely not.

    It will be the news of the century, if any of these rich celebrities put in their money in promoting hockey, considering the current state of Hockey, which is at the lowest ebb in its popularity rating.

    May be at a later date if and when the game of Hockey becomes popular you can find many leeches.


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