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Wish our president also be like them

Yesterday i saw in Headline that Prince Harry has returned safely from his military duty in Afghanistan. It is nice that being a Prince, Harry could have stayed home and enjoyed all the goodies of being Royal. But he choose to be in Army that shows the he will become greatest King one day….

Wish our President has a military background, so when disaster strikes then they can come in rescue. There should be a clause in their resume that they should be educated and would have been in Army service. Like they show in a Ad a guy will ask a politician what is his qualification for ruling the country. I guess everyone should ask that question and should never accept any who is illiterate and have a criminal background. What say????

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    It was really nice that Prince Harry, served the military. However I would wish to point out that in certain countries, all able bodied citizens will have to as mandatory requirement serve in the armed forces for a specified period of time to fulfill there citizenship requirements.

    It would be good if India also adopts such mandatory requirements, so that some discipline is inculcated in the citizens.


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