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Indian History contd… (4)

Read my previous entry? Else you won’t be ale to enjoy it fully. Anyways I will continue my love for the bunch of constructors (I introduced this term in my second article of Indian History contd…) in this fourth article of Indian History.
In my previous article we had a feel of how adventurous it would be to intrude in some country like “Golden Bird” and then de-jewel this bird one by one. Loot not only jewels but also the feathers which is the real strength of that kingdom. Wondering what are these feathers all about? Education system! Yes, the ancient education system which is known as Gurukul and the knowledge we had in the fields of science, philosophy, arts, economics… errr we will discuss this in next article. Anyways I was talking about de-jewelling the “Golden Bird”. Imagine man why would you come back second time, infact 16 more times when you loot a place? Mohd. Ghori had almost with him a bunch of six thousand morons when he came for the first time. Now, let me ask you something how much weight a normal man can lift? 30? How much a well built soldier? Lets assume 50. Think 6000*50=300tonn of gold in one shot. Lets make it a smaller figure. 50tonn. But friends he could not resist the immense wealth which he was still leaving behind. He came second time with tripple of army size again he could not empty whole of the treasure of Somnath. Just add up if every time he came with a larger army. How much wealth would he have had transferred man? Gotch you people now.. Feeling the heat inside? Feel like… becoming a Ghori and doing the same adventure in his region? Sorry, friends nothing is left in his country now other than ruins n rubbles.
Just think what we are left with is the ruins of that great place for which the age mentioned in our government records is so less so as to match it with the European civilization. Why? we will discuss it further.
I would like to have your comments and would look forward for your participation in discussion.

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2 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    Mohd guari was like that and have made the world around him going mad and restless…

  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi how are u doing?? You are right nothing is left in this country. So many communties & different races has come to india and taken away everything.

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