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Indian History Contd…

I hope you enjoyed my earlier post.
Let me ask you something isn’t it ironical that some foreigners invade into a country like India, an almighty in terms of science, culture, wealth, knowledge, and not only invade,but start demolishing the most exotic, splendid constructions ever done on earth that too in the times when Europe and rest of the world was still struggling to come out of stone age! The irony doesn’t end here now just imagine another bunch of foreigners from another part of world enters as traders, invades and alas!… the monuments which were demolished are termed as constructed and that too tagged under the names of previous bunch of invaders. Great! Hats off to the far-sighted politics played by this new bunch.
Taj Mahal, Red fort, Humayun Tomb, Fetehpur Sikri, Qutub Minar and many more hundereds of monuments are tagged under the name of some people who came in this country for constructing monuments? or … everybody knows…
Qutub Minar’s iron pillar is famous world wide and the biggest evidence is the “INSCRIPTION ON IT DESCRIBING THE MARRIAGE OF KING VIKRAMADITYA”. Let us try to analyse the situation… bunch of (let say refer these ppl by name of constructiors)… bunch of constructors come to India builds Qutub Minar and an iron pillar and… and makes it a point that they include a reference to KING VIKRAMADITYA”S MARRIAGE. Starnge.. Isn’t it?
Not only this they record in their history that the metal which has been used to build the so-called-IRON PILLAR(which is not iron) has not been understood. Wow, someone builds it and don’t know what material it is made of. Nothing strange. Isn’t it? We Indians are used to it now… transferring credits to others who bear no relation whatsoever.
I will continue this further in next post. And would love to have comments from your side.

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