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Indian History….

You might have come across email with pictures of tajmahal premise and someone called as Prof. Oak claiming it to have been built by an Indian King a long before Mughal era. I just could not stop myself from cluches of curiosity when I read the mail. So, I decided to research myself. And obviously, GOOGLE zindabad. I got to know a lot about this historian whom not many people know, who is actually beleived to be one of the greatest historian humanity had ever had. He contruibuted his lifetime for research on Indian ancient history. He wrote many books like “Who says Akbar was great?”, “Tajmahal- A Hindu palace” and many more during the regime of a great Indian leader in 80s just to face the banishment of his book. Why? To avoid the so-called riots in India. He appealed to Archaeological Department of India for performing cruscial tests on historical places like Tajmahal. The test he proposed was a kind of Carbon-14 Dating which is used to find out the exact time period in which the monument was built. But the reply which he got was is evident from the fact that 80 percent of the monument remains locked that too since the Shahjahan era. Can you beleive? “Angrez aaye.. chale gaye.. mughalo ke baad.. ” meaning English ruled and left the country after Mughals , but still the monument remains locked the way it was. Why? Creates a doubt in mind right?… Something to ponder over? Hmm?

I dont know what is the truth but what I know is if someone in a democratic country like India that too worlds” largest democracy, is not allowed to convey for what he holds 1000% rights to do so, its miserable to see the whole world just looking in silence bearing what is happening to hide an ultimate truth, if it is.

I would continue this discussion over Indian history which has been tempered hundereds of times by English, and Mughals. You are welcome to leave your precious comment over this subject and would love to continue posts on OUR history further.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    The Carbon 14 dating has proved that it was a temple called Tejo Mahalaya.

    Tell me one good reason why the locked rooms are not opened up. It is pure and simple. Minority appeasement. If the doors are opened, it will throw open a Pandora’s box.

    Unfortunately we have to live with such wrong history.


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