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Key to ultimate cooking….

We as humans are talented enough to cook stories when it comes as answering the blunder we commit in our work…. But.. friends .. especially those who are into software industry or alikes who never entered that seemingly scary place.. KITCHEN… who love junk food because (not that it s d only food de love) when it comes at trying yourself… yes … cooking…
Ya people would be thinking what the crap am I talkin about… let me cut this short. I just wanted to share the ultimate key to cook anything on earth… aything edible.

Guys.. first thing you got to feel the taste of the food before you actually can transform into the so-called-cooked format… imagine you got some potatoes, tomato, onion and let say a garlic in front of you. Just try imagining it into a served form… Uhmmmm! yes this is your first step. Take the essential weapon in hand.. knife of course, if you dont have FOOD PROCESSOR. Start operating on it … err… you need not worry about its form.. let it take any shape. Just cut it into peices the way you like. Now, what you have is.. sliced potato, crushed tomato(so-called sliced), onion and garlic… mind it everything in seperate container.

Now choose a nice frying pan put it on flame(medium) and ad to it a blob of butter or oil if you would like to. Let it go hot a little bit. People the best way to cook anything is not to remember ay timing and quantity for anything to be added. Yes just FEEL it if it is warm enough. Put any spice you feel like… let say mustard seed or for that matter any spice which is in the form of seed. Let it go a little wild in that burning pool of fat. Now, look for what would you like to add first.. I am sure you will go for onion. It really does not matter in what order you cook, what matters is how nicely you can FEEL the entire process. So, by this time your FIRM onion slices after kissing the fat liquid would have turnde brown. What next? FEEL! absolutely correct! Now tomatoes and I am sure by this time you would FEEL the need for adding other sdices too may be becoz you might have watched a TV show earlier or seen someone, if not, it is the outcome of FEEL. Anyways, add a little of red chilli powder, corriander powder, salt. Now, see the look of the stuff lying inside the frying pan… What you FEEL? Hmmm! If it does not look beautiful add a little of butter. Always remember no matter how you start your final dish should look beautiful smell nice. Do whatever you can during the process of COOKING. I assure you you will mess up for once, twice, thrice but finally whenever you succeed you will never require to remember the quantity of spice to be added, the time for which it should be fried and so on… But people if you cook be using a book… once you will cook nice, twice may be, but then you will stop COOKING just becoz you would have been bored enuf for referring that stupid receipe” book which contains nothing but the FEEL of some other human being presented in form of a DISH.

For time being you learnt how to play with the operated vegetables, oil and spices. Just by the beautiful combination of these three entities you can come up witha different so-called-DISH everytime you enter KITCHEN. And trust me its just a matter of FEEL. 🙂

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5 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    very well said..need to pour ur heart into the recepie while cooking anything as it adds flavour more than the required and the spices mixed

  2. Service_to_all says:


    What you have stated is absolutely true. It is the heart and the mind which makes out a good recipe or a bad one.

    Cooking I believe is as creative as any other art form.


  3. crazyengineer says:

    Is your Live Chat is working? M trying past 1 hour:(

  4. smile_kanth says:

    i am also trying but i cant log in by using this user name.somebody help me.Regards

  5. sanjay88 says:

    good psot on cooking……….. worth reading it

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