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Adding Content

One of the first things you notice is that every response is delayed. While you can type out a long sentence in a cell, there is a small delay before it appears on the spreadsheet. And every other activity takes longer than that.

The moment you complete the sentence and move to the next cell, you will notice that the row height is automatically adjusted to accommodate the sentence, and a small “Updating” tool tip flashes briefly, and small message pops up at the bottom reminding you that the spreadsheet is not saved, and offering to start Autosaving. If you choose to Start Autosaving, a prompt asking for a file name appears. From then on the file is autosaved, every time any change is made. The price of the freedom from having to worry about lost data is the increased response time the autosaving causes.

In case you type in a long series of numbers or words without spaces, you will see that the content does not spillover into the next cell, but remains limited by the cell boundary. Adjacent
cells in a row can be merged effortlessly using the Merge across button on the toolbar. This action can be undone just as easily. Unfortunately merging cells in a column is not supported.
Increasing column or row size is easily accomplished; as is copy, cut and paste which can also be done with the keyboard shortcuts. If you would prefer the row height to remain the same irrespective of the content entered, you can disable the Word Wrap feature from the toolbar.

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