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Assigning shortcuts in the Start menu

You can assign a shortcut to all the program on your PC. Do the following: Go to Programs inthe Start menu and right-click the application for which you need a shortcut.

Step 1: Choose Properties from the context menu that appears. There’s a text area in the pop up windows where you key your shortcut. Press the key combination, for example [ctrl]+[F12], that you would like to use as the shortcut access. You”re done.

Step 2: Test your shortcut br pressing the assigned key [ctrl]+[F12], as in our example to lanuch your application .

If there’s a default key combination that Windows uses, won’t allow you to assign that combination. Instead, it”ll suggest alternatives such as [ctrl]+[Alt]+[your key]. For example, [Ctrl]+[C] works across all applications as the copy function. So, when you press [Ctrl]+[C], you agree automatically prompted you to change it to [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[C].

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