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Disabling Folders And Links In

The Vista Start Menu has links to almost everything: Music, Games, Pictures, Documents, etc. You may not need all of these, or you may need to add some more shortcuts. To remove
these links, right-click on the taskbar and click on Properties. Click on the Start Menu tab. Here you can choose to set the Start Menu to look like older Windows versions, you can choose to
select the Classic Start menu by clicking the radio box. To remove the unnecessary items, click on
Customize next to Start menu. To disable the links, check the radio box–Don’t display this item for the items you want removed. Click OK when done.

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5 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    I tried to find out in google search but am very doubtful about the pack coz it can affect the pc in many ways , such as affected by viruses, and direct trnsformation may be harmful also.

  2. rohanrs says:

    Hi buddy thanks for the useful tip do keep posting such things if you get ok….tc

  3. rohanrs says:

    Hi buddy try in google search i had once searched for it and i had got transformation pack and it did work but initially it your antivirus software may give a warning but no harm but still need to be careful…ok tc

  4. jmalhotra says:


    very useful tips ..can make use of it as and when required..thanx for the update

  5. lkjhgf says:

    Hi deepaksharma

    Do u know about any such good Xp to vista transformation pack available
    and if so is it worh to transform it directly?

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