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Free Money”¦ How?

How does a channel like Star Plus make money? How does a newspaper like The Times of India make money? Just in case you didn’t already know, the answer is ads. Advertisers pay the channel or the newspaper to have their ads broadcast or print, as the case may be. The growth of the Web meant that it, too, became a profitable media channel. This resulted in the advertisers who previously had their ads on TV or on radio begin to advertise on the Web as well. Now here’s where a company like Google comes in (Yahoo!, too, offers a similar service). Google’s got a bunch of advertisers dying to advertise on anything that Google touches because as we know, anything that Google does on the Web usually turns to gold. Since AdWords already takes up the advertising place on Google’s search pages, the only place to go is all the blogs and sites that Google hosts, that is, Google gives out ad space on Blogger sites and blogs that it has. This was the case for a while, until a few months ago. These days, AdSense is not restricted to just Google sites; any Web site can host “Ads by Google.” How does this work? It involves an application and review procedure; basically, what Google does is, it gives all the advertisers who want online space to advertise their stuff the opportunity to do so. And in return for the advertising space on your blog or Web page, it gives you the chance to make money. Now, advertising on the Web is a bit different from advertising in a print publication–you don’t get money for just placing the ad
on your site…

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