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Sony PS3

Coming to the PS3, we wonder if we really need to explain any further. Well, here’s a look at its spec sheet: Cell processor (capable of 218 GFlops); Full HD capability (1080p); 2xHDMI ports; Dolby 5.1/DTS capable audio; Blu-ray DVD player (CD/DVD/BD); wireless controllers; and more… What makes the PS3 special is its native support for HDTV using the two HDMI inputs and the mind-blowing sound experience it offers. The PS3 has always been full HD compatible (1080p), so you can enjoy it on any HDTV out there. The inbuilt Blu-ray DVD player is a huge bonus, making you
quite future-proof. Incidentally, you can get an HD-DVD player for the 360 Elite, to future-proof it, but it’s an external player and will cost you about Rs 8,000 more– huge advantage for Sony’s PS3 here. Currently, the game selection for PS3 available in India makes it a formidable force, and considering that you get Dolby 5.1/DTS, a Bluray player, 2 HDMI ports… the choice when buying from India is simple–get the PS3 for Rs 34,990 (MRP, and a little cheaper at certain stores). The PS3 will cost between Rs 25,000 to 30,000 abroad, so it might not be worth losing support for it.

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