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The GX-600: Overclock This!

What MSI was most elated about was their new gaming notebook, the GX600 (and its variants). It has a “TURBO” button for overclocking the processor; however, it doesn’t overclock the VGA card‒sort of lame considering it’s a gaming notebook. We got to play with it and enjoyed a
round of F.E.A.R.–it looked good, though we can only pronounce a verdict once we review the notebook. Still, we must say that we hope MSI introduces the notebook in India!

MSI’s X38 With A New Circu-pipe Design

We got to see new MSI products that should hit the market within the next two months. The X38 chipset-based motherboard will be out in March, and it will be packed with features beyond your wildest imaginations. Newer VGA cards that support HDMI–from both ATI and NVIDIA–are in the pipeline.

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