Vista Is Language-neutral

Many companies are required to support more than one language for their OS deployment. This was quite the chore under Windows XP, where multiple language support requires addition of an English Multilanguage User Interface with the required language packs. Windows Vista, though, is language-neutral. Language packs act as components to the base image and can be added and removed in accordance with an organisation’s requirements. The servicing of the Vista core is also language-agnostic, and only security updates would generally be required to serve Vista installs of different languages. Configuration of the deployment is also language-neutral and one unattend.xml can be used for all languages that the organisation finds necessary to support. Windows XP supports different languages in two ways. You can either deploy localised versions of Windows XP, requiring a different image for each language, or you can deploy an English Multilanguage User Interface (MUI) version with added language packs.

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